ESPOs Creative Outlet

December 1, 2012

Open to get you open, December 1st, 2pm EST

72 Fourth Avenue @Bergen St. Brooklyn NY 11217

Hours :

Thurs-Fri 2pm – 8pm

Sat-Sun 12 – 6pm




MF Doom Mask (workshop)

November 16, 2012

Designed by me and made by Mike Lee for MF Doom,  I workshopped it at the PS3 square dance / make up halloween party I freaked out approximately 134 kids. Unfortunately 966 kids found my blind spot and lifted the shop @lexrecords

A Sign With No Business Is The Scrapper’s Business

November 3, 2012


ICY Signs will paint free signs for businesses that lost signs in the storm. Contact us at



October 17, 2012

ICY Signs just completed this glorious plexiglass retrofit of the awning above  The City Reliquary. The next time you’re on Metropolitan, stop by and ask about their City Relics, tell them the Philadelic Relic S. Poe sent you. Be sure to keep your civic on display. Thanks to Aindriais Dolan, Lew Blum, Sam Ske and  Matthew Kuborn for donating their time and skill sets to this fine BK non-profit. Interested for-profit businesses, work like this will cost you a low-numbered copy of Nirvana “Love Buzz” 7inch. (mint).



Martha Cooper and ICY Signs

October 2, 2012

In Johannesburg SA for I Art Joburg

2 Cents for Creative Time

February 20, 2012

Lordz x ICY x Tony’s Pizza

January 9, 2012


So, when we painted the “All I need is You And New Shoes” wall, we promised Tony (of Tony’s pizza) that we would add pepperoni to the YOU letters to make it a nice pizza pie. Unfortunately we dented tony’s new awning  with the liftwhile painting. I left my number and waited for the call. On the 3rd day it came, Tony’s aggrieved voice barking at me, not about the awning, but, “You said you was gonna put a pizza up there”.  I was ready with an explanation for the damaged awning but had to drop that and defend the ICY graphic sensibility; “Those are pepperonis in the letters” Tony shot back, “No, those are polka dots!”  “No they are definitely pepperonis” This went back and forth for awhile until I said “Tony, you got to get on board with this, help me help you, if you believe they are pepperonis you got a huge billboard advertising your product” Tony wasn’t budging, “I guess we can agree to disagree”  I said, “no, we cant disagree, you got to see it my way”. Tony said “fix my awning will ya?”  So it took me about 6 weeks to locate a awning shop that would come and repair it, and in the meantime, I fielded a couple more angry phone calls from tony.  It’s the worst scenario to have a business owner mad and complaining about the art on his building and the damage done to his property, but it didnt stop me from trying during one of the angry calls to suggest adding the above pizza guy to the wall, to further clarify that the YOU was pizza, not polka dotted. “Just do one thing at a time will you Steve?”  “Never, Tony, thats how nothing gets done”. Finally awning gets fixed, tony gives his blessing, and I go online to search for one of my favorite record covers, The Lordz Of Brooklyn Pizza box 12″ for Saturday Night. Kaves or Dino I guess did the original drawing, which we kept intact except we uncrossed the eyes. Mike and Pat we’re almost finished painting it when Tony came out complaining, “when you gonna paint my side wall?” Which is his way of saying “Thanks”. I want to thank Kaves and Dino for their donations to the brooklyn landscape for the past 25 or so years. SALUTE

Train To Always

January 1, 2012

Later that early morning

August 22, 2011

Service Sign

December 23, 2010

for the bakers in Syracuse. Damn that hot oil sauce would hit the spot right now.